Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated

Rhodesian Services Association Museum & Archives

We are happy to announce that from the 1st May 2018, we will be renting unit 10, 14 Portside Drive, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, in order to house our museum collection and CQ Store. It will become our administration hub and focal point for socialising and for Remembrance Day gatherings.

It has always been our Association’s stated goal to have our own building. This rental will be our first step to achieve this. Now that we have made this step, the hard work begins. We urge everyone with any connection to, or interest in Rhodesia to get in behind us and make this a lasting success; something that we can be proud of; something that factually records the history of our often-maligned country.

The time has come to support the Rhodesian Services Association in every way that you can. We will need financial support – whether that is by way of purchases from our CQ Store, financial membership or donations. Please support the museum and associated events or volunteer your labour – it will all count to our success.

As Rhodesians – we, our families and friends fought through thick and thin, NOW is the time for us, together with our friends and supporters, to build a lasting, living monument and record to our history that our children and their children will inherit and be able to see their heritage.

Watch this space for opening hours and contact details.

Read more about the origins and development of our collection and archives............

Additional museum displays:

  • The Garrison Club, corner Devonport Road & 11th Avenue Tauranga. Run by the 6th Battalion Hauraki Regimental Assn it is open from 4pm on Fridays. Visitors can request it to be opened during business hours during the week by asking at the office.

View our On-line Virtual Exhibit

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This is a work in progress. As we catalogue the objects in our collection and archives we will expand the Virtual Exhibits. This is a very large project that is very time consuming - please be patient.