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Breaking News!

We are happy to announce that on 1 May 2018 we began renting unit 10, 14 Portside Drive, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, in order to house our museum collection and CQ Store. It will become our administration hub and focal point for socialising and for Remembrance Day gatherings. It has been named The Lion & Tusk - Museum of the Rhodesian Services Association. Click on the image below to see details and opening hours etc.

Protect Rhodesian history. Donations can be made to the museum via our Givealittle page. Every dollar counts. Please click on the Donate button on the image below:


This is the Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated website, it is being updated and modified as an ongoing process. In addition various domain names for the Rhodesia Regiment also point to this address.

The Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated is an Incorporated Society as well as a Registered Charity under the New Zealand Charities Act 2005. Our registration number is CC25203.  Our details and certificate can be viewed on the Charities Commission website www.charities.govt.nz as well as on the Societies Register www.societies.govt.nz

The purpose of the Association is to provide benefit and education to the community by:

  1. Maintaining, protecting and adding to the collection of memorabilia and artefacts of Rhodesian interest and origin ("the Museum Collection");
  2. Maintain and increase the number of public displays of the Museum Collection;
  3. To assist anyone with an interest in the history of Rhodesia who may wish to study or research it;
  4. Promote attendance to ANZAC Day parades (25th April) throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific;
  5. Promote world wide observation and attendance to Remembrance Day parades (11th November);
  6. Attend to wreath laying at an ANZAC Day parade each year in New Zealand;
  7. Maintain and promote fellowship between the RhSA Inc. and the Hobsonville Returned Services Association Inc. and the 6th Battalion (Hauraki) Regimental Association Inc. and any other similar organisations;
  8. Organise the annual assembly;
  9. To do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.

Our full rules document is in downloadable PDF file RhSA Rules.pdf

We are based in New Zealand and have members throughout the world.  Membership is not restricted to ex services personnel. We welcome anyone who has Rhodesian connection or interest. Subscription is NZ$15 per annum due 1st October each year. To apply please email the Secretary at thesecretary@rhodesianservices.org

Current financial membership 277; Newsletter subscription - over 2,000 worldwide; Facebook members - over 3,000. Please email the Association Secretary on thesecretary@rhodesianservices.org for payment details

Use these links below to join us on Facebook  and our You Tube channel


Postal address for communication:
The Secretary, PO Box 13003, Tauranga 3141, New Zealand

The Rhodesian Services Association (Inc) was formed in New Zealand from a basis of people who served, or whose family served, in forces loyal to Rhodesia.  The aims are to retain record of our history; remember the fallen; honor the brave and to offer moral support and help to former comrades and their families.  The Association provides a focal point for those wishing to make contact with others from all branches of the forces, as well as the nurses, whose contribution has gone largely unrecognized. 

At the inaugural AGM in October 2003 a committee was elected.  The name Rhodesian Services Association and symbol of the Lion & Tusk was adopted signifying the representation of all arms of the forces through out the history of Rhodesia.


You can help keep the Green & White flying by making a donation to the Rhodesian Services Association by emailing thesecretary@rhodesianservices.org for our bank details or through our Givealittle page (see the link at the top of this page) or through our 'Collection Hat'* - click on it and you can pay through PayPal.

In New Zealand we are registered with the Inland Revenue as an approved donee organisation and we can receive donations vis the Payroll Giving scheme refer to www.payrollgivinginfo.org.nz for more information.

Thank you - every bit helps.

*This 'Collection Hat' is a typical 1940's - 1950's period slouch hat as used by the Rhodesian Army. We have modified this one to collect donations at our various functions.