Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated

The purpose is to provide an area where units or intakes can display photos and text.  This is how I got started in around the year 2000 when Peter Hanwith-Horden gave me some space on his 147 Intake page.

I would welcome any unit or intake adding their piece of history.  You will need to supply me with the text and photos I will do the rest.  I will ask for a small contribution per annum towards the internet service providor's hosting costs which are currently split 50/50 between myself and the Rhodesian Services Association.

The Intake 152 page is complete and linked through the tab above.  I am working on the 4RR page which links on the tab above.  Extra input on these is most welcome.

Intake 155 has a page whose author Rob Pickers has worked very hard to put together it can be accessed from the tab above. Please contact Rob by email pickcadd@sai.co.za if you have any information or input.