Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated


At the first RV in October 2002 the CO of the 6th Battalion Hauraki Group, Lt. Col. John Dick ED invited us to form a display of Rhodesian military history as part of the unit's Garrison Club and History Room.  Never in our knowledge has this privilege been offered anywhere in the world.

The first display was built and funded by donations and it was officially opened by Lt. Gen. Peter Walls in April 2003

 Lt. Gen Walls gives the display his 'thumbs up'

In around 2005 we were invited to form displays at the newly built privately funded museum, the Classic Flyers Museum at Mount Maunganui ( www.classicflyersnz.com ). We now have a number of display cabinets as well as an audio visual display and the only full size replica of a Rhodesian made Golf bomb to be found in the world. All these projects are ongoing.

A tribute to New Zealanders who fought and died in Rhodesia. This display is named after Simon Clark who losthis life whilst serving with the RLI during a contactin the Wedza area.

Our storage unit, known as The Lion's Den, is sited at the Classic Flyers Museum.  This was a refrigeration unit which we renovated in order to store items and have them viewable by appointment.


Inside the Lions Den we have a working area as well as items that we do not have space for in our other displays.


Project Cobra
We purchased a Rhodesian made Cobra 9mm pistol-carbine which we intend to use in a display in honour of Rhodesian farmers and civillians at some point in the future. They were made by Stellyte Co Ltd in Bulawayo and were the highest quality of the Rhodesian made weapons. There were only around 2,500 of these weapons ever made.

To buy this weapon we raised $2,000 with the help of all you out there. Our primary benefactor was the late Phaedon Constan-Tatos aka Fred Tatos ex 8RR. A big "Thank you" to all who supported us.


New Zealand residents can email thecqstore@rhodesianservices.org  to get our bank details or, if you live outside New Zealand you can make a donation using the button below via PayPal. If you are not registered with PayPal, on pressing the button below you will be given instruction how to make a credit card via PayPal.   Thank you - every bit helps.