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Not all web sites are what they seem, and you may find yourself on a web site being run unscrupulously, and exploiting the natural nostalgia we have for our lost Rhodesia.  There are a lot of these "Rhodesian" commercial web sites, and a few are not sound.  Some lend themselves an aura of respectability by linking their web sites together.

The Flame Lily Foundation and the Rhodesians World Wide magazine, both long standing Rhodesian institutions, have recently been the target of unpleasantness.

We have taken the decision to not provide links to web sites about which we have concerns, or that have aims that conflict with ours, or that object to us.

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Rhodesian Air Force

Old Rhodesian Air Force Sods (ORAFS) Our Story

Rhodesian Army Units

1 & 4 Indep Coys (Wankie/Vic Falls) Intake 152
2 Indep Coy (Kariba) Intake 150
3 Indep Coy (Inyanga) - Intake 147
4th Battalion Rhodesia Regiment
Grey's Scouts
Rhodesian African Rifles
Rhodesian Army Association 
Rhodesian Artillery 1977/78 & Intakes 156/7
RLI Regimental Association
Rhodesian SAS (website created by Marco Gollino and Craig Fourie
Selous Scouts (website created by Marco Gollino and Craig Fourie)
Selous Scouts (unofficial site)

South African & Rhodesian Engineers

Internal Affairs


British South Africa Police

BSA Police Regimental Assn

Guard Force

Guard Force

Databases & Research

The Rhodesian Soldier - Website of Gerry van Tonder, for professional research services, copy editing, proofreading - specializing in the service history of Rhodesians who served in the two World Wars.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Commemorating the 1,700,000 men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died in the two world wars.

South African War Graves Project - This searchable database is expanding daily. It contains records of over 29,000 Rhodesian and South African graves. There are 25,000 photographed graves and/or photos of headstones. It is a vitally important project for South Africans and Rhodesians.

We Were Rhodesians - honours and awards made to Rhodesians. A living database where you can input medal details

Links to Rhodesian sites with goods for sale

Piracy of Rhodesian based material is a big problem.  Please support the businesses who are linked below. They are family based businesses and Associations who work hard and make sacrifices in order to provide quality products to the public. The true Rhodesian spirit was to support your mates.  Do the right thing and be true to yourself and the Rhodesian Spirit.

30 Degrees South Publishing 
Books for Africa
Books of Zimbabwe
Craig Bone
Dandy Agencies (Pty) Ltd
David Scobie
Flame Lily Foundation
John Edmond and Roan Antelope Music
J.R.T Wood - Author, historian
Militaria Marketplace
Msasa Videos
Rhodesian Militaria
Rhodesian Services Association
Rhodesians World Wide Magazine
Southern Africa Militaria
Tales of Elephants and Africa

Other Sites of Interest

Brunssum War Cemetary
Conflict in Colour
Counter Insurgency
Empire to Commonwealth Project 
Kevin Bulgren's Rhodesia site
LM Radio - take yourself back to the '70's and listen live while you work on your computer
New Zealand Army
Psywarrior - look under the Links button in the main body then go to the link about Rhodesia
Rhodesian Association USA
Rhodesian & South Africa Military History (and home of the Rhodesian Government in Exile)
Rhodesian Music
Rhodesians Reunite
Rhodesian Stamps
Rhodesians World Wide (original website)
Signals Badges - Commonwealth (and ex-Commonwealth) Corps of Signals Badges ranging from the early 20th Century to the present date.

The Great War East Africa Association
The Truth About Rhodesia (website by Cameron McNeil)
Scott-Donelan Tracking School (website by former Rhodesian tracker David Scott-Donelan)
South African and Rhodesian military site
Viscount Disasters
Viscount Down

Window On Rhodesia

Zimbabwe Situation

Museums & Associations

Classic Flyers Museum - The Trust strives to gather, protect and preserve aircraft and aviation memorabilia from bygone times especially material with a Bay of Plenty or New Zealand connection. The Rhodesian Services Association has a large display area in this museum.

6th Battalion (Hauraki) Regimental Association - We owe a great debt of gratitude to these guys who have supported us and allowed us to put a display in their Garrison Club. The Garrison Club is open every Friday from 14:00hrs. Visitors welcome

ORAFs - Old Rhodesian Air Force Sods welcomes 'Brown Jobs' as well. Email orafs@isdial.net to get on the newsletter mailing list.

Rhodesian Army Association - based in the UK and producers of the Lion & Tusk magazine.  Vic Walker, Chairman, vic.walker@sky.com and Will Ransom, Secretary,raasecretaryuk@gmail.com for details of membership and web content (www.rhodesianforces.org ).

Rhodesian Veterans Assc (QLD) - www.rhodesianveteransassociation.org

Businesses with Rhodesian connections

This list below consists of Rhodesian related businesses who have registered with us. Please also refer to Our Supporters page elsewhere on this website on this link for a complete list of our valued supporters.

Active Nutrition - Diana Bomford can deliver nutrition plans, menus and advice to suit a range of people for the purpose of weight loss, supporting exercise and sports performance through nutrition and personal training programs; provide nutrition advice to alleviate certain health issues; training people in how to lead healthy, active and long healthy lives.

Gerry van Tonder Professional Research Services for Service History Research, Copy Editing, Proofreading Gerry offers a professional, quality research service, specializing in the service history of Rhodesians who served in the two World Wars.  Click on image below for inquiries

Philip Marcou hand makes high quality woodworking planes in Waihi, New Zealand. I have seen his planes and the quality is unbelievable - see for yourself on his website www.marcouplanes.com or give him a call on +64 21 324 738