Rhodesian Services Association (Incorporated)

In Tauranga, an annual reunion which is known as the 'October RV', takes place at Labour Weekend with the support of the 6th Battalion (Hauraki) Group and the 6th Battalion (Hauraki) Regimental Assn Inc. 

The first RV in 2002 was envisaged to be a one off affair in order to acknowledge those who had been decorated for their bravery and service to Rhodesia.  The Commanding Officer of the Hauraki Regiment, Lt Col John Dick ED, was most complimentary of our efforts and the kind of spirit that we represented and insisted that as soldiers, we should have the opportunity to be able to keep safe the record of our country and invited us to form a museum display as part of the unit's history room.  This has been done with funding and contribution from all over the world.  The display was officially opened in April 2003 during a visit to New Zealand by Lt.  Gen.  Peter Walls.  The Hauraki Museum and Garrison Club are open to the public every Friday from 16:30 hrs.

The display has been recently changed with the emphasis on the Rhodesia Regiment.